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The OLogic Way

Engineering Expertise

Diverse skill sets with
industry knowledge and experience

Superior Project Management

Structured task management and
responsive communication

Shipped Products

Fabrication, assembly, and manufacturing of products and prototypes

Core Competencies

Electronics Design

  • Design review and component selection
  • Schematic design
  • PCB layout, fabrication, and assembly
  • High-power and high-speed designs
  • Signal and power integrity simulation
  • Design-for-Manufacturing in high and low volumes

Custom hardware development is our bread and butter, having developed solutions for everything from robotics to high-volume consumer electronic products.

Software / Firmware

  • Expert ROS Integration
  • Embedded Linux
  • Machine Learning
  • User Interfaces
  • iOS and Android Integration
  • Android/Linux Kernel
  • Android System Development
  • STM32, ESP32

  • Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS)

  • Sensor Fusion

  • I2C/SPI/CAN/Ethernet

With expertise in ROS and various operating systems, OLogic builds and applies software and firmware to custom hardware systems.

Industrial / Mechanical 

  • Aesthetic Industrial Design
  • Comprehensive CAD development
  • Mechanical engineering: plastics and metal
  • Prototype development and fabrication
  • 3D Printing
  • Thermal Analysis + Mitigation

OLogic has in-house industrial design and mechanical engineering capabilities, including photorealistic renders for a pitch deck, production plastic components, and device chassis.

Hand Reworks &
Lab Testing

OLogic can help with design for compliance, and compliance testing with our test lab partners.

  • Design for compliance and compliance testing
  • IPC compliant rework, board assembly and testing
  • Product certification (UL, FCC, CE)
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Preventive pre-scans for EMI

OLogic has experience preparing hardware to pass FCC and UL requirements and our IPC-certified technicians can assemble and verify PCB operation.

New Product Introduction (NPI)

Our newest service, NPI, is perfect for clients who have an Electronics Design or idea, but don’t know where to begin in building a quality product that you can launch with confidence. It’s not just product development, it’s looking at product development from the standpoint of manufacturing. With our help, you can turn your product idea from a design concept, through development and product iterations, all the way to manufacturing.

  • Help with the product definition including the invention of new products as well as the reinvention/redesign of old products with full analysis
  • Hardware and Software Prototyping with Proof of Design and review of the supply base
  • Creating a detailed design of the new product with an eye for manufacturing
  • Pre-Production of the design to get the product ready for manufacturing
  • Development of test procedures
  • Compliance testing
  • Manufacturing support

Having completed a design for you, you own all the IP and design files for your product. At this point, we can even help you build it by working closely with our proven manufacturing partners. Or you can choose someone you know and we’ll help you get up and running as fast as possible to ensure a successful launch of the Product.

Have a project requiring other expertise?

OLogic partners with specialists in the fields of app development, Industrial design, and thermal design
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We’re Not Like The Rest

Complete Ownership

All IP and content produced by OLogic is completely owned by the customer.


We work with your priorities and constraints and we will work with you to get to that next demo or deadline.

Total Transparency

We stick with our customers every step of the way, sharing progress and highlights of the project’s journey.

Friendly and Professional

We invite our customers to stop by the office, join us for lunch, or give us a call to check in. Bay area customers benefit from on-site work and collaboration and we are available to travel to your office or factory.


Do you develop products other than robotics?

Yes, OLogic has designed products in many categories, such as consumer electronics, IoT, and toys.  Navigate our Projects page to explore some of our work, or request a visit to our office to see our gallery of completed products.

How much does it cost to make my product?

We take the time in our initial meeting to understand all development details and client needs to deliver detailed time-and-materials proposals.

Do you design apps?

OLogic does not develop consumer mobile apps, but we do develop engineering prototypes for app-to-hardware interfaces. We also work with our app development partner firms when direct-to-consumer apps are needed.

Can I get an introductory consultation?

Yes – Contact us to setup an introduction in-person or through a conference call.

When can we start working together?

Our diverse teams almost always allow us to accommodate new projects right away. Contact OLogic