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We are OPEN and taking new projects! Projects are operating remotely and office is available for customer drop-offs/pick-ups.

OLogic has been assisting on Google ATAP’s Project Tango since early 2013. Last week, Project Tango was finally announced with this awesome video announcement showing off the various features of
the project: Say Hello to Project Tango!. OLogic was one of the 16 partner…
companies selected by Google to work on a wide variety of tasks related to the project, from hardware/firmware engineering, to most robotic related tasks and demos. Many items OLogic worked on were featured prominently in the launch video, and we are honored to be a contributor to the overall project. Beyond just the launch video, find more information on the Project Tango Website.

Soon OLogic will show off some amazing demo’s involving Project Tango, so stay tuned for more of an Awesome Future!