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Dot and Dash

Dash and Dot by Wonder Workshop are two playful robots who help young programmers discover a world of creativity and fun through coding.

Children as young as 5 years are able to control their robot, using imagination and simple applications. Dash and Dot are designed to grow with kids, offering more challenging concepts to build on their coding knowledge with intermediate and advanced apps.

Through hands-on play, children learn about computer science and are inspired to create music, produce stories, build worlds and navigate space. And with snap-on accessories such as Xylophone, Tow Hook and the Smartphone Mount, the possibilities are endless.

[From the Wonder Workshop Website]

“About Dash:

Kids can watch their virtual coding turn into tangible learning experiences in real time as Dash, with its performance and multiple sensors, interacts with and responds to its surroundings.

About Dot:

Small but mighty, Dot is Dash’s companion, and quite a brainy little robot on its own. Dot comes with several built-in games, such as Magic Dot Ball, Dot of Music, and Light Sword. Using our free apps, Wonder and Blockly, students can create more than 100 games. Plus, with its IR-sensors, Dot can sense and even control Dash!

About Wonder Workshop:

Founded in 2012, Wonder Workshop is a dynamic startup made up of passionate and motivated team members. Although we began in the obligatory Silicon Valley garage, with ideas jotted down on the necessary napkin manifesto, Wonder Workshop has grown up and is headquartered in sunny San Mateo, CA, with offices around the globe. And our small, but mighty robots have reached far and wide.”

About OLogic:

OLogic, Inc. is a Robotics Consultancy based in the heart of Silicon Valley. Looking to bring your project to life? Our company offers top-notch Electronics Design Services to help turn your concepts into a reality.

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