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Verdant Robotics

Introducing the Verdant Robotics Sharpshooter™ smart sprayer, an innovative solution that revolutionizes agricultural practices.

This cutting-edge device offers unparalleled versatility, allowing users to weed, thin, fertilize, and apply various inputs to crops of any size or spacing. Recognized as one of the top 10 new products at the 2024 World AG Expo, the Sharpshooter™ boasts impressive efficiency, with a staggering 96% reduction in input usage, leading to over a 50% decrease in weeding costs.

Leveraging Verdant Robotics’ proprietary bullseye targeting technology, this sprayer achieves an astounding 99% accuracy in identifying crops and weeds. Equipped with 4K machine vision, it operates seamlessly day or night and is compatible with any tractor capable of pulling at least 3000 lbs.

Additionally, the Sharpshooter™ features a user-friendly tablet-based interface, can capture images for up to half a day, and is fully customizable, allowing users to tailor parameters such as the number of rows, SprayBoxes, and tank size to suit their specific needs. With its unmatched precision and adaptability, the Verdant Robotics Sharpshooter™ sets a new standard for agricultural innovation.

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