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A photo of the Brain Robot by OLogic Inc.
The Brain Robot

The Brain Robot was a Brainwave Controlled Robot created by OLogic, Inc. back in 2007. It was developed as a proof-of-concept and was known for its user-friendly interface. This new technology was controlled via a wireless, wearable headset equipped with NeuroSky Sensors

What set the Brain Robot apart was its intuitive visual feedback system, providing users with visual feedback that lets them know when their brain is in the right mindset for controlling the robot.

First debuting at the Computer Electronics Show (CES) in 2007, the Brain Robot stole the spotlight and captured attendees’ attention and earning widespread acclaim from the tech community and mainstream media outlets alike. ABC 7 News featured the technology, while numerous press articles highlighted its groundbreaking capabilities in harnessing NeuroSky sensor technology.

About OLogic:

OLogic, Inc. is a Robotics Consultancy based in the heart of Silicon Valley. Looking to bring your project to life? Our company offers top-notch Electronics Design Services to help turn your concepts into a reality.

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