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StealthMatrix is a black controller-shaped gadget.
Stealth Matrix

[From the StealthMatrix website]

“StealthMatrix ARC is a next generation sensory-based, item-level tracking system that locates merchandise in a department store or warehouse within one foot, using IoT sensor technology and 2D mapping. It is by StealthNetwork Communications® and is already destined for a major national retailer, it bridges the gap between retail stores and omni-channel e-commerce operations.

StealthMatrix ARC is compatible with Android and Apple (iOS) smartphones for use by customers, sales associates and store operations. The product suite includes an all-encompassing IoT sensor device with indoor location application software and way-finding capabilities, to pinpoint the exact location of each individual piece of merchandise.

Using augmented reality to guide sales, store operations and customers, StealthMatrix ARC is unique in that it does not require additional IoT sensors, or specially installed hardware, creating low entry and operating costs. It will enhance the customer experience while eliminating lost sales precipitated by a customer’s inability to find that “special pair of jeans” that may be somewhere in a store, but not in its proper place. StealthMatrix provides retailers the opportunity to reorient and maximize their retail space into local fulfillment centers.

Indoor Retail Mapping System

StealthMatrix works with patent pending algorithms and industry-specific hardware to help clients create 2D on-demand floor maps, locate merchandise with Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, generate augmented reality workflow processes and conceptual environments, without expensive build-out.

StealthMatrix ARC is an IoT sensor-based hardware and software prosumer device, modularized and flexible to fit each client’s dynamic environment.  It supports both internal operations and customer-facing mobile applications.

All team members, from Senior Executives to sales associate, have a single pane view of inventory over the entire operation.

The product suite is transferable to StealthMatrix autonomous mobile devices, so retailers may aid sales teams and operations in the actual retrieving and packing of items, “a pick and pack mobile device.”

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