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Servi and Servi mini are 2 serving robots by Bear Robotics. They use artificial intelligence and automate manual work in the restaurant business. 

[From the Bear Robotics Website]

“The Servi robot helps restaurant staff by taking orders and bussing tables. This allows food servers to focus on delivering outstanding customer service. Also, Servi even can move around the room while automatically detecting obstacles and avoiding them including avoiding any collisions with visitors.

Furthermore, this robot even has the capacity and care to deliver the heaviest drink orders, making first impressions a breeze. With multiple trays, these robots runs the food right to the table, allowing servers to focus on creating excellent experiences. Finally, Servi is the simplest way to make bussing tables a breeze. Simply fill the bussing tub and take care of your next guest.

Who is Bear Robotics? Bear Robotics is the brainchild of restaurant experts and tech entrepreneurs. They understand the hospitality space because it’s where they started. From getting their hands into everything from waiting tables to washing dishes, they are experts when it comes to to the restaurant industry. In addition, when faced with the busy work, they found a better way forward. Now, they are engineering smarter solutions, allowing servers to excel by automating repetitive tasks and elevating restaurant experiences. And doing it with robots.”

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