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Quvium is a medical device company founded in 2013 and headquartered in Kent, specialises in developing unique, constant-use solutions for chronic and acute respiratory conditions. The Quvium team brings together a wealth of experience ranging from pharmaceuticals, medical devices, technology and entrepreneurial environments.

It has established a Clinical Advisory Council made up of leading respiratory physicians, cough researchers and general practitioners in the world.

Finally, Quvium has established strong product development and manufacturing partnerships enabling us to build a robust, cost-effective, market-driven product.

The first product Quvium is commercialising is Sonasure, a patented, wearable cough monitor. Sonasure is a ground-breaking, new medical device designed to help provide asthma sufferers, in particular children, as well as cystic fibrosis patients and people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the freedom to live fuller lives, and give their families and carers peace of mind.

Quvium’s unique, personalised and wearable cough monitor can help predict and prevent attacks or flare ups caused by these diseases reducing emergency room visits, hospitalisations and, even deaths. For asthma alone, it is estimated that 75% of hospital admissions are avoidable and as many as 90% of deaths are preventable.

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