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Project Tango

Project Tango was a collaboration between some of the most innovative robotics and technology companies in the U.S. and across the globe.

Back in 2014, we had the privilege of working on Google’s exciting Project Tango.

Project Tango technology gives mobile devices the ability to navigate the physical world, imitating humans with its advanced computer vision, image processing and special vision sensors.  Imagine purchasing a new home in California sitting in your office in Hong Kong. This can be done with Project Tango’s room-mapping, 3D sensor technology.

Tango enabled apps to track a device’s position and orientation within a detailed 3D environment, and to recognize known environments. This allowed the creations of applications such as in-store navigation, visual measurement and mapping utilities, presentation and design tools, and a variety of immersive games.

[From the Tango Wiki] Tango was different from other contemporary 3D-sensing computer vision products, in that it was designed to run on a standalone mobile phone or tablet and was chiefly concerned with determining the device’s position and orientation within the environment.

The software worked by integrating three types of functionality:

  • Motion-tracking: using visual features of the environment, in combination with accelerometer and gyroscope data, to closely track the device’s movements in space
  • Area learning: storing environment data in a map that can be re-used later, shared with other Tango devices, and enhanced with metadata such as notes, instructions, or points of interest
  • Depth perception: detecting distances, sizes, and surfaces in the environment

OLogic was selected by Google to work on a wide variety of tasks related to the project, from hardware/firmware engineering, to most robotic related tasks and demos. Many items OLogic worked on were featured prominently in the launch video, and we are honored to be a contributor to the overall project.

About OLogic:

OLogic, Inc. is a Robotics Consultancy based in the heart of Silicon Valley. Looking to bring your project to life? Our company offers top-notch Electronics Design Services to help turn your concepts into a reality.

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