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The Odyssey was an autonomous robot designed back in 2007 by the OLogic internal team to be used in the RoboMagellan challenge.

The Challenge
Robo-Magellan is a robotics competition emphasizing autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance over varied, outdoor terrain. Robots have three opportunities to navigate from a starting point to an ending point and are scored on time required to complete the course with opportunities to lower the score based upon contacting intermediate points marked by road cones.

The Robot
The robot must not be constructed in such a way as to damage the environment or other robots. No robot may weigh more than 50 pounds nor may it use an internal or external combustion engine. The robot must fit inside a 4’x4’x4′ cube for the entire duration of its run. Robots must be autonomous. Remote control is not allowed with the exception of the remote control safety switch(es).

Odyssey Features:

  • Custom designed board stack
  • GPS system with WAAS correction
  • 6-degree of freedom inertial navigation system
  • 2-axis Magneto-Inductive Compass
  • 20 fps camera and computer vision system
  • 12v permanent magnet motors
  • Optical encoder closed loop motion control
  • 100 amp motor controller
  • Weighs 48 pounds


  • 2nd Place RoboGames 2007 (Silver Medal)
  • 3rd Place SRS Robothon 2006
  • 1st Place RoboGames 2006 (Gold Medal)
  • 2nd Place RoboGames 2005 (Silver Medal)
  • 2nd Place SRS Robothon 2004

About OLogic:

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