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NVIDIA Kaya Robot

NVIDIA’s Kaya is a robot developed as a platform to demonstrate the power and flexibility of the Isaac Robot Engine running on the NVIDIA Jetson Nano platform. It has been intentionally designed using 3D printed parts and hobbyist components to be as accessible as possible.

[From the NVIDIA Kaya website]:

“It features a three-wheeled holonomic drive which allows it to move in any direction, regardless of where it is facing. A RealSense depth camera allows it to see the world around it in 3D, enabling features like mapping, localization, and object recognition. An on-board IMU and position feedback from the wheel motors provide accurate odometry information. Power is provided via an easily-swapped and fast-charging power tool battery. Outfitting the Jetson Nano with a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth card allows you to interact with the robot using Isaac Sight over Wi-Fi, and also allows you to connect a gamepad controller via Bluetooth.

Use the instructions here to build and operate your own Kaya robot. A small snippet can be found below.

CAD Files

Kaya Onshape document

The Kaya Onshape document contains CAD files describing all 3D-printed and off-the-shelf parts required to build Kaya. The Parts section below describes the required off-the-shelf parts in more detail.

You can use the Kaya Onshape document to export part files for 3D printing. You can also copy the Kaya design to use as a template for your own robot or link to the design in another Onshape project.


The Kaya Onshape document contains a number of configuration variants under the Configurations heading:

  • Sensor Payload: Switch between sensor types, which are described below.
  • Servo Motors: Select a servo motor. If you select the XC-430 motor, you will need to modify the JSON configuration file for Kaya. See the `Dynamixel U2D2 & USB2AX Interchangeability`_ section below for more details.
  • 3D Printed Parts Only: Check this box to isolate parts that need to be 3D printed.”

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