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Pumpkin i500

The Pumpkin i500 EVK is designed by OLogic and powered by MediaTek AIot i500 . It is an SBC that is built to support computer vision and AI Edge Computing.

Designed for AIoT market this EVK jump-starts the development of products with display and camera capabilities (control panels, smart hubs, point-of-sales, smart appliances, robots).

Cloud Services

Pumpkin i500 is certified for Azure IoT Edge and qualified for AWS IoT Greengrass enabling the deployment of some workloads to the Edge through standard containers.

Alexa and Google Assistant

There is contingent support for the core technologies that run voice-controlled devices from Amazon Alexa Voice Services and Google Assistant, for devices based on the very popular home attendants.

Android 10 and Yocto Linux

The MediaTek AIot SDK supports Yocto 3.1 Linux based on Kernel 5.4 and Android 10 to let third-party customers and members of the MediaTek Ecosystem test Computer Vision algorithms, AI models and custom software on top of the base layer.

Updates and Maintenance

The SDK is receiving updates quarterly, with security updates and patches being delivered over-the-air (OTA) on a regular basis. The chipset series has a timeline for updates to features and security for device manufacturers to leverage the latest builds for their units to protect end-users and patch vulnerabilities.

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