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Marty - The Martini Robot

The Market
In the spirit of constructing useful, service, robots, bordering on novelty, Marty was constructed with the idea in-mind, that robots can take mundane tasks and make them fun. This robot can be constructed from low cost materials, and in high volume, can be sold quite cheaply, as a novelty item.

The Robot
Marty was initially designed as a simple balancing cart that can server drinks at a party or in a bar. However, as people react to his presence, they anthropomorphize this balancing robot, and he becomes the center of attention and conversation. The robot could be equipped with a beacon following system similar to the “Follow-Me” robot below, to follow a server around a bar or restaurant setting, or could just be a simple static cart for people to set their drinks on while socializing.

Marty Features:

  • Custom designed board stack
  • Remote control for driving the unit around
  • Slide mode for easily positioning the robot near tables or patrons
  • Powerful 24v drive system
  • Anti-slip mat, and rails, for holding plenty of drinks without spilling
  • Large carrying capacity. Can balance with loads of 100+ pounds


OLogic Internal

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