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Marty the Balancing Robot

The Marty the Balancing Robot was initially designed as a simple balancing cart that can serve drinks at a party or in a bar. However, as people began to react to his presence, the engineers decided to anthropomorphize this balancing robot. Soon after, they added a beacon following system similar to the “Follow-Me” robot. This system enables the robot to be able to follow a server around a bar or restaurant setting. It could also be used to as a simple static cart for people to set their drinks on while socializing. With these changes, Marty the Balancing Robot became the center of attention and conversation.

The Market
In the spirit of constructing useful, service robots that border on novelty, Marty the Martini Robot was constructed with the idea that robots can take everyday mundane tasks and make them fun. This robot can be constructed from low cost materials, and in high volume, can be sold quite cheaply, as a novelty item.

Marty Features:

  • Custom designed board stack
  • Remote control for driving the unit around
  • Slide mode for easily positioning the robot near tables or patrons
  • Powerful 24v drive system
  • Anti-slip mat, and rails, for holding plenty of drinks without spilling
  • Large carrying capacity. Can balance with loads of 100+ pounds

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