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Kamigami Robots By Dash Robotics
Kamigami Robots By Dash Robotics
Kamigami Dash Robot

The Kamigami Dash Robot is a biomimetic, foldable robot. It was funded by Kickstarter back in 2015. The design of this robot is best known for its unique biometric motion that closely mimics a cockroach. The original concepts behind the robot’s motion are attributed to Dr. Robert Full, a biologist at UC Berkeley,. More  can be seen outlined in his Ted Talk.

Mattel owns the license of the Kamigami brand since spring of 2017. They also oversaw the national release in fall of 2017 as part of their new emphasis on STEM and “digital age” toys.

Dash Robotics, Inc. is a toy robotics startup company located in Hayward, California. Their main focus is on prototyping and manufacturing smart toys (sometimes called “connected toys”), such as the Kamigami Dash Robot. In addition, the company is often referred to simply as “Dash,” and was founded in 2013. Often mistakenly affiliated with UC Berkeley, they are not a part of the university although many of the company’s members met there.

Click here to visit the Kamigami Dash Robot page on Kickstarter.

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