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IGOR stands for Indoor GPS OLogic Robot. IGOR demonstrates OLogic’s multi-vendor partnering, and systems integration capability. IGOR utilizes an ultrasonic-indoor-GPS system developed by SJAutomation, remote tele-operation developed by ComCam International, and OLogic robotic control system technology. IGOR is capable of autonomously driving between indoor waypoints, with no user intervention. A camera mounted in the robot, delivers a wavelet-compressed live video feed, to the end-user anywhere on the internet, and allows them to control the robot, by commanding it to drive to waypoints and take action. Since the robot is totally autonomous, the end-user does not need real-time control, therefore internet latencies do not affect its operation. There are many of specific applications for which this could be used from robotic security, to office mail delivery, to warehouse automation, to delivering patents or medications in a hospital environment.

IGOR Features:

  • Custom designed board stack
  • 70 degree field of view camera
  • Sonar-based Indoor GPS technology for location awareness
  • 12v permanent magnet motors
  • Optical encoder closed loop motion control
  • Remote, electronic E-Stop for safety
  • Internet Tele-Operation


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