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Friendly Robots Company

The Friendly Robots Company was founded in 2019 in Berkeley, CA and is dedicated to reshaping the human experience on our planet through innovative solutions.

At the heart of their mission lies the Friendly Robot, a cutting-edge, mid-sized autonomous vacuum designed to revolutionize maintenance tasks. With an impressive capability of cleaning up to 10,000 sq ft/hr, including those hard-to-reach corners and edges, the Friendly Robot ensures a thorough and efficient cleaning process. Not only does it enhance productivity, but it also mitigates unexpected absences and potential injuries, performing the equivalent of the work of four janitors.

They are not just about innovation; it’s about creating a sustainable future for humanity. By prioritizing people—be it customers, vendors, or employees—they embody a business ethos centered on human values. With a steadfast belief in humanity, they are paving the way towards a more sustainable habitat for all.

Learn more by visiting the Friendly Robots Company website.

About OLogic:

OLogic, Inc. is a Robotics Consultancy based in the heart of Silicon Valley. Looking to bring your project to life? Our company offers top-notch Electronics Design Services to help turn your concepts into a reality.

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