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Flexo the Two-Wheeled Balancing Robot

  • State-of-the-art balancing software
  • Balancing is accomplished using a small piezo-electric gyro combined with the output of a two-axis accelerometer using a Kalman filter
  • CPU is an inexpensive PIC18F252
  • High-resolution shaft encoders
  • 20 fps computer vision system that follows any red object
  • Custom designed board stack
  • Can also be radio controlled
  • Inexpensive parts
  • Seen several times on G4/Tech-TV
  • Best Engineered Robot – SRS Robothon 2005

About OLogic:

OLogic, Inc. is a Robotics Consultancy based in the heart of Silicon Valley. Looking to bring your project to life? Our company offers top-notch Electronics Design Services to help turn your concepts into a reality.

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