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A photo of the Dusty Robotics construction robot against a white background.
A Dusty Robotics construction robot in the middle of completing a floor layout. The perspective of the photo is from the viewpoint of the robot.
A photo of a Dusty Robotics Construction robot in the middle of a construction site.
A Dusty Robotics field printer is on the floor of a large warehouse.
Dusty Robotics

Dusty Robotics is a robotics and construction company that develops robot-powered tools for the modern construction workforce. By leveraging the best technology, Dusty’s FieldPrinter, is a unique solution to one of construction’s biggest problems.

[From the Dusty Robotics website]

“By using digital automation, the FieldPrinter helps to reduce waste in both labor and material. This makes the entire design-build-operate lifecycle more efficient and cost effective. Dusty accelerates the construction industry’s digital transformation by providing robotic automation services for the job site.

Dusty believes that construction is at its heart, a manufacturing process. The tools they create are designed to make construction more like digitized manufacturing; increasing consistency, predictability, and reliability all while also improving working conditions for the skilled craftspeople who are at the heart of the manufacturing process.

‍Their company is committed to leveling up the construction industry by creating tools that give the construction workforce super-powers.

Inputs: The FieldPrinter system requires a control point file, which signifies where in 2D space the system is operating. From there, add the model information that will be printed on the floor, either in DWG or CSV format.

Outputs: The FieldPrinter is capable of printing any combination of points, text and lines directly from a CAD file. Linework styles can be customized to display layer information such as wall types or plumbing types.

Hardware: The FieldPrinter system is thoughtfully designed for the construction site – solidly built to take everything a jobsite can throw at it. The printer comes delivered in a customized hard case with all necessary components. The rest of the system includes a tripod and total station, along with a ruggedized tablet.

Software: The software behind the solution is designed to make the life of the construction team simple. With the tablet interface, the operator has full control over the layout. After the job is complete, Dusty’s report generator provides the user with a digital report of the completed work and productivity rates.”

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