A Mediatek Preferred Design Partner


OLogic Partners



MediaTek Inc. is a Taiwanese fabless semiconductor company that provides chips for wireless communications, High-definition television, handheld mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers, navigation systems, consumer multimedia products and Digital subscriber line services as well as optical disc drives.

ON Semiconductor

OLogic has a close relationship with ON Semiconductor specifically in the area of camera module development, optical selection, and camera sensor integration for both automotive and consumer electronic product domains.

Function Engineering

Function Engineering is a mechanical engineering and design firm focused on new product development. OLogic and function frequently collaborate on robot chassis and consumer electronics projects where advanced mechanisms are present.


Aavid is the leading global provider of electronics cooling solutions and services and is dedicated to innovation in thermal management. Aavid and OLogic team up for any project where thermal needs are primary, and thermal simulations and testing need to be performed. 


Moback creates solutions for augmented reality and virtual reality challenges. OLogic and Moback work together usually when customers need mobile app development, particularly if there are AR/VR aspects. 

HUGE Design

Huge Design is a premier bay area Industrial Design Consultancy. Huge specializes in consumer electronics devices. Huge helps OLogic’s clients when a large amount of industrial design opportunies are presented within a product, an advanced user research and multiple iterations of concept development are required. 

Speck Design

Speck Design is another Industrial Design consultancy which brings projects to OLogic that involve heavy electronics or software integrations. Speck Design offers Insights & Experience Strategy, Engineering, Industrial Design, Environment Design, and UX Design to create engaging connected experiences

Royal Circuit Solutions

Royal Circuits provides OLogic with the PCB fabrication we need to build and test high quality and high functioning electronic. Located locally, Royal Circuits has the friendliness and know-how to fabricate any PCB design we might have. 

Green Circuits

Green Circuits is another local PCB fabricator who OLogic calls upon for quick turn, accurate PCB’s. Green Circuits can assemble and test PCB’s in house as well. 


Electec NorCal is a full-service manufacturer’s representative selling semiconductors and synergistic products to the communications and technology industries in Northern California.

General Plus

General Plus manages IC designing & system application technology by using the “custom designed approach” which provides top products and service to meet customers’ needs. Generalplus uses “core technology” such as single-chip m controller and digital signal processor technologies to develop hundreds of products.



Silicon Valley’s best EMS provider, specializing in quick turn NPI, Design for manufacturing, and all types of PCB Assembly. Naprotek assembles most of the electronics packages OLogic produces for its clients. 

Jetta Limited

Jetta is a leading OEM company founded in 1977. Jetta focuses in developing OEM solutions with latest innovations and technologies to make the world a better place. When possible, OLogic manufactures client products through Jetta because of their design for manufacturing expertise and incredible communication. 

Bay Area Compliance Lab

Over twenty plus years of experience and a global network of testing facilities allows BACL to delivery reliable testing and certification services in a timely manner for OLogic’s clients products.