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OLogic Partners

Intel® RealSense™ technology

Intel RealSense technologies are fundamentally reshaping the future by equipping devices with the ability to see, understand, interact with and learn from their environment.  Intel RealSense provides a wide variety of vision-based solutions, from the world’s smallest high-resolution LiDAR camera to low-power, platform-agnostic stereo depth cameras, as well as customizable software.  Continuously expanding its range, Intel RealSense’s end-to-end solutions enhance use cases in areas such as robotics, 3D scanning, facial authentication, measurement, and logistics.


MediaTek Inc. is a Taiwanese fabless semiconductor company that provides chips for wireless communications, high-definition television, handheld mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers, navigation systems, consumer multimedia products and digital subscriber line services as well as optical disc drives.


Founded in 2013, Orbbec has been on a mission to democratize 3D vision technology, offering products with exceptional performance and value spanning structured light, stereo vision and ToF technologies. 3D Vision AI developers and enterprises have deployed Orbbec products in thousands of robots, manufacturing, logistics, retail, 3D scanning, healthtech and fitness solutions. With in-house R&D, state-of-the-art factory, supply chain management and global support, Orbbec also offers ODM engagements for custom and embedded designs.

ON Semiconductor

OLogic has a close relationship with ON Semiconductor specifically in the area of camera module development, optical selection, and camera sensor integration for both automotive and consumer electronic product domains.

Mouser Electronics, Inc.

Mouser Electronics, Inc., is a global distributor of semiconductors and electronic components for over 1,200 industry-leading manufacturer brands. They specialize in the rapid introduction of the newest products and technologies targeting the design engineer and buyer communities.

They are also a global authorized distributor of our Pumpkin i350 & Pumpkin i500 EVKs.

Absolute EMS

Absolute EMS is an Industry 4.0 facility. Having recently upgraded their San Jose, CA, factory with the most sophisticated equipment in the industry, they are now capable of producing highly advanced technology for some of the world’s leading technology companies. To Absolute EMS, customer focus is a key competitive advantage. With Absolute EMS and OLogic’s engineering partnership, customers are guaranteed the highest level of professional service and the best chance of success.

THine Solutions

THine Solutions, Inc. (THS)  is a subsidiary of THine Electronics, Inc, and specializes in the worldwide sales and marketing of their THS Series Kit Solutions, as well as for sales and marketing of THine IC products in the Americas, EMEA, and India territories.

Their products target embedded camera systems that require smart image processing and high-speed data transmission & combination of ICs, Solution reference designs, design tools, and design support provides a unique value to small, medium, and large customers.

Remarkable Solutions

Remarkable Solutions, Inc. is a California corporation that provides high quality Engineering Services to Electronics Design Engineers. Specifically Printed Circuit Board CAD layout utilizing Altium Designer and Cadence Allegro. 

They also provide “build readiness” analysis also known as Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Analysis utilizing state-of-the-art tools such as Siemens Valor DFM Software. They provide DFM services under their webDFM division. 

OLogic strives for high quality product design and webDFM supports them with their CAD design footprint verification.


Whipsaw is a team of creative thinkers, fixers, makers, and dreamers on a mission to solve critical product challenges. They specialize in industrial design, digital design, and engineering of products and experiences. They strive to create smart, unique, and intuitive solutions that profoundly connect with users on both rational and emotional levels.



BayLibre is an embedded software engineering firm headquartered in France, with development
distributed across the globe. For the semiconductor industry, BayLibre develops open source
software with a primary focus on operating system, BSP and SDK development on behalf of
complex system-on-chip vendors. Our OEM customers rely on BayLibre’s expertise to help
them develop products based on Linux, Yocto, Android and real-time operating systems that
target consumer, enterprise and industrial IoT segments.



Vicor is the leader in high performance power modules. We enable robotics customers to
innovate their power delivery network using easy-to-deploy power modules that are small,
lightweight, scalable and thermally adept. Vicor modules deliver the highest power density and
efficiency to support longer run times, more payload and better overall performance.

Function Engineering

Function Engineering is a mechanical engineering and design firm focused on new product development. OLogic and function frequently collaborate on robot chassis and consumer electronics projects where advanced mechanisms are present.


Moback creates solutions for augmented reality and virtual reality challenges. OLogic and Moback work together usually when customers need mobile app development, particularly if there are AR/VR aspects.

HUGE Design

Huge Design is a premier bay area Industrial Design Consultancy. Huge specializes in consumer electronics devices. Huge helps OLogic’s clients when a large amount of industrial design Opportunities are presented within a product, an advanced user research and multiple iterations of concept development are required.

Speck Design

Speck Design is another Industrial Design consultancy which brings projects to OLogic that involve heavy electronics or software integrations. Speck Design offers Insights & Experience Strategy, Engineering, Industrial Design, Environment Design, and UX Design to create engaging connected experiences.

Royal Circuit Solutions

Royal Circuits provides OLogic with the PCB fabrication we need to build and test high quality and high functioning electronic. Located locally, Royal Circuits has the friendliness and know-how to fabricate any PCB design we might have.

Green Circuits

Green Circuits is another local PCB fabricator who OLogic calls upon for quick turn, accurate PCB’s. Green Circuits can assemble and test PCB’s in house as well.

General Plus

General Plus manages IC designing & system application technology by using the “custom designed approach” which provides top products and service to meet customers’ needs. Generalplus uses “core technology” such as single-chip m controller and digital signal processor technologies to develop hundreds of products.


Silicon Valley’s best EMS provider, specializing in quick turn NPI, Design for manufacturing, and all types of PCB Assembly. Naprotek assembles most of the electronics packages OLogic produces for its clients.

Jetta Limited

Jetta is a leading OEM company founded in 1977. Jetta focuses in developing OEM solutions with latest innovations and technologies to make the world a better place. When possible, OLogic manufactures client products through Jetta because of their design for manufacturing expertise and incredible communication.

Bay Area Compliance Lab

Over twenty plus years of experience and a global network of testing facilities allows BACL to delivery reliable testing and certification services in a timely manner for OLogic’s clients products.