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Transform Your Ideas into Reality

OLogic has been a MediaTek preferred partner for many years. Launching not one, but three of our own  Evaluation Kits featuring MediaTek Genio chipsets, as well as integrating them in various projects we have worked on, we are proud to be a  MediaTek expert.

Leverage our cutting-edge MediaTek Genio IoT solutions as well as our Pumpkin Evaluation Kits to turn your innovative concepts into market-ready products faster than ever.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Dive into a world where technology adapts to your needs, with OLogic’s unparalleled customization and flexibility for any Edge AI project. From smart home applications to  interactive retail, industrial and commercial applications, and more, our Pumpkin EVKs are perfect for any IoT project.

After a project is completed, not only does OLogic give the customer freedom to choose who to be the manufacturer, but also, the design is the customer’s to keep.

Accelerate Your Journey to Market

With OLogic’s expert support, advanced technology, and trusted partner network, shorten your development cycle to achieve a quicker, more efficient route to market success.

With over 30 years of successfully launching products, we are confident that our engineering expertise stretching across all areas of engineering as well as validation + R&D and more, allows us to be able to jump in and help you with your project at any step along the way.

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Why Choose OLogic?

At OLogic, we’re more than just technology providers; we’re your partners in innovation. With our 30 plus years of experience in engineering and product design paired with our many years of being a MediaTek preffered partner, we are confident that we can help you bring your concept to market.

In addition, we offer a speedy response time. That, along with our cutting-edge solitions that are deisnged to give your Edge AI projects a competitive edge, ensuring that from concept to market, it will be as qucik as possible.

With OLogic, you’re not just building devices; you have a partner you can trust to help build your vision.

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Features That Set Us Apart

Tailored Technology

  • Advanced Customization: Our technology is designed to fit your project like a glove, with customizable components that meet your exact needs.
  • Superior Performance: Experience unmatched performance and reliability with our state-of-the-art Edge AI solutions.

Beyond Comparison

  • Chart-Topping Specs: When compared to MediaTek, OLogic’s EVK boards have a smaller form factor and lower entry price.

Flexibility for Innovators: Our solutions are engineered for versatility, catering to a wide range of applications from wearable to smart home devices.

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The OLogic Advantage

Accelerated Development

  • Speed to Market: Leverage our technology to shorten your development cycle and launch your products faster than ever before thanks to the Pumpkin Genio’s easy integration.
  • Comprehensive Support: Gain quick access to our experienced and proven team of experts for guidance and support, empowering you to overcome challenges swiftly thanks to their substantial domain knowledge and problem-solving mindset.

Cost-Effective Solutions

  • Maximize Your Budget: With OLogic, you get more than just a product; you get a value-packed, flexible partnership that optimizes your development costs.
  • Invest in Success: Our competitive pricing doesn’t just save costs; it ensures a higher ROI by getting your product to market quicker and more efficiently.

The OLogic, MediaTek, + BayLibre Ecosystem

We are proud to have MediaTek & BayLibre as partners.

  • With OLogic’s hardware engineering services, MediaTek’s advanced semiconductors, and BayLibre’s software, we have the partners to support you every step of the way.
  • No problem too complicated or too big, if you need it, we can help.

The Pumpkin Genio 350 is an EVK designed by OLogic and powered by MediaTek Genio 350.

The Pumpkin Genio 350 is an Edge AI platform designed for mainstream AI + IoT applications that require vision and voice edge processing, such as facial, object, gesture, motion recognition, LPR, voice activation and speed recognition, sound isolation, bio-tech and biometric measurements, and more.


The Pumpkin Genio 500 is an EVK designed by OLogic and powered by MediaTek Genio 500 . It is an SBC that is built to support computer vision and AI Edge Computing.

Designed for AIoT market, this EVK jump-starts the development of products with display and camera capabilities such as control panels, smart hubs, point-of-sales, smart appliances, robot, and more.


The Pumpkin Genio 700 is our newest EVK that is designed by OLogic and powered by MediaTek Genio 700.

The Pumpkin Genio 700 EVK is a high-performance Edge AI IoT platform for smart home, interactive retail, industrial and commercial applications that provides highly responsive edge processing, advanced multimedia, multi-tasking OS, and more. 


Discover how companies across the globe have transformed their ideas into successful products with OLogic. From connected fitness equipment, home health, home appliances, toys, robotics, smart kiosk home systems that make life easier, our technology is the backbone of innovative solutions that make a difference.

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