A MediaTek Preferred Design Partner


We are OPEN and taking new projects! Projects are operating remotely and office is available for customer drop-offs/pick-ups.


Do you develop products other than robotics?

Yes, OLogic has designed products in many categories, such as consumer electronics, IoT, and toys.  Navigate our Projects page to explore some of our work, or request a visit to our office to see our gallery of completed products.

How much does it cost to make my product?

We take the time in our initial meeting to understand all development details and client needs to deliver detailed time-and-materials proposals.

Do you design apps?

OLogic does not develop consumer mobile apps, but we do develop engineering prototypes for app-to-hardware interfaces. We also work with our app development partner firms when direct-to-consumer apps are needed.

Can I get an introductory consultation?

Yes – Contact us to setup an introduction in-person or through a conference call.

When can we start working together?

Our diverse teams almost always allow us to accommodate new projects right away. Contact OLogic