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Employee Spotlight – Wayne Gramlich

OLogic Software Engineer – Robotics Guru

Wayne caught the computer bug in the fourth grade when he checked out his first computer book from the school library. His love for Robotics took off when he read Robot Builder’s Bonanza — 99 inexpensive Robotics Projects. He never looked back, always forging ahead in his software/electronics/robotics engineering career.

Wayne’s academic journey passed through Carnegie-Mellon University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), picking up a BSEE and MSEE along the way. A fun fact is that during his extended stay at MIT, he worked on the Personal Computer Internet Protocol (PCIP) project which was the very first software released under the MIT license.

Wayne’s career journey took him to Sun Microsystems, where he worked in the software development tools department on linkers, performance tools, debuggers, software browsers, compilers, etc. As a side effort, in early 1993 he adapted the Mosaic browser to Sun’s network firewall, whereupon it rampaged through Sun. His reward for this was to be Sun’s representative to the World Wide Web consortium where he attended a lot of HTML standards meetings. Eventually, Wayne left Sun and became an independent consultant with interesting gigs in Robotic Housing, Toys, etc.

Wayne discovered and joined the Homebrew Robotics Club in the late 90s. He met Ted Larsen and Bob Allen in the early 2000s when they joined the club and eventually co-founded OLogic. Wayne was drafted to HBRC president for over a decade, where the club meetings went from a dozen attendees to well over a 100. Both the Homebrew Robotics Club and OLogic are still going strong to this day. In the early part of 2016, Wayne was between consulting gigs when Ted Larson hired him into OLogic that matched his skills and experience well. Wayne has been with OLogic for 8 years.

When asked about OLogic, Wayne emphasized that the people are awesome and the projects are really cool. He has been impressed with how many client products make it to market. Wayne’s first OLogic project was the Happiest Baby Snoo baby crib, where he teamed with another engineer. For the crib project, Wayne’s focus was on doing the build system, the testing framework and factory test software.

Wayne has been an OLogic employee, contracting with Google for the past four years. While he is not allowed to talk about new projects he is working on, he does have his name on one of the recently  published papers for their Mobile Aloha Robot.

At OLogic we have a fun award called the Rubber Chicken; given to a person when they find a non-obvious solution to a customer problem. Wayne was the proud recipient when he faced this challenge:

“We designed a display enclosure for a customer and when we installed the screen it did not fit due to cable interference.  As usual, we were on a tight schedule, and we wanted to avoid redesigning the enclosure. The solution was to rotate the display 180 degrees and then change the embedded Linux screen driver to rotate the displayed output by 180 degrees. Problem solved with a 5 line change in a configuration file. That was fun.”

What Wayne likes about robotics is the complex tradeoff space. He knows that Robotics is actually extremely hard and that most people do not realize that they should actually spend a little more on hardware in order to reduce overall software development costs and time to market risks.

Over his lengthy career, Wayne has learned that it is trivial to write software that sort of works, but it is really hard to get the software solid.

“Most people skip out on software test suites and documentation and this results in lower quality software that actually costs more to maintain. Since I am an optimist, this has been a really hard lesson for me to learn.”

Even at home, Wayne can still be found tinkering on personal robotics projects using his CNC machine that he has programmed to build robot parts. He proudly admits to being a nerd.

Away from work, Wayne has recently become interested in Japanese Anime that he has discovered is significantly better than the cartoons he grew up with. He and his wife have two cats that they rescued from a local shelter and have given a loving home to. He is a  homebody who finds that most of the entertainment he needs can be found on the internet.

When asked if he could have one superpower what would it be? Wayne answered, “The ability to see into the future. I’m curious where the human race winds up going. I’m actually quite optimistic that things will all work out.”

Wayne strongly believes in the scientific method, sharing that in his lifetime he has experienced a huge improvement in the standard of living. Improvements that occurred due to people measuring, reporting and being honest about the outcome of things they have observed and tested. 

He adds, “The current advertising based internet “news” is pretty depressing. The world is actually way better than it used to be when I was a kid and continues to get way better. Engineering/Robotics/OLogic is part of the solution. Please come along for the ride.”

For Wayne’s teammates here at OLogic, we are grateful that he shares his wisdom with us and helps us solve unique problems. He started a fun way of gathering us all together with an event we named WayneDash. After collecting everyone’s orders and calling them into our favorite Thai restaurant Dusita, Wayne goes and picks up the order and delivers it to our break room. There is an unspoken challenge for the spice levels one is capable of consuming. This causes lively interactions among us and some brave faces, unwilling to admit the effect of the heat. Just another fun day at OLogic!