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Jeff sitting at his desk working on a board. He is wearing a black mask and smiling.

Jeff Comstock:

OLogic EE – Judoka – Meme Master

Jeff’s Personal Mantra:
“A sharp mind forges a sharp body.” “Oh, and don’t forget to smile :).”

Jeff Comstock is an Electrical Engineer at OLogic, specializing in hardware debugging, PCB design, and high speed routing through simulation and layout. His problem solving abilities have played an integral role on client projects when engineering obstacles need to be tackled.

Reflecting on the work life culture of OLogic, Jeff enjoys the interactive aspect of being an electrical engineer, where he uses a variety of skills to solve the unique challenges each project presents. Also important to him is the collaboration and camaraderie he has with the rest of the OLogic team who he says each bring different perspectives and skill sets to the table. Innovative, fun, and rewarding are all words that came to mind when asked what keeps him enthusiastic about working at OLogic.

Jeff’s time away from work is spent mastering his Judo techniques and competing in tournaments and training throughout the US and as far as Japan. He also coaches the younger Judo students while encouraging them to learn how Judo can help them be more physically healthy, mentally well, all while building confidence, self esteem, and respect for others.

He has a love for travel for both adventure and spending time with his family. He appreciates learning about different cultures and has visited Iceland, Amsterdam, Paris, and London.

A favorite hobby of his started on a college senior design project, where Jeff built a voice recognition system to detect animals based on vocal signature. He continues to be enthralled by DSP and audio analysis and has built extensive libraries and tools which took root in his initial niche audio capstone project.

When asked about his Meme Master boast, Jeff says, “Hah….uhhh I like to think of creating memes is like reading a book. Something happened or people were discussing something and I will review what was said, think of the themes, then maybe translate those ideas into keywords and see what I can make. If people laugh then it was a success!”

Jeff has had much success in his career and in his memes. He brings EE talent to our projects and laughter to our office; right now mostly through Slack!

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