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A photo of Aaron Nguyen in front of the beach and ocean while in Hawaii. Aaron is smiling and is wearing glasses.

Employee Spotlight: Aaron Nguyen

Electrical Engineer, Manager, and Korean Fried-Chicken Lover

Aaron Nguyen is one of our awesome Electrical Engineers who has been working here for over two years now. He even recently became a manager. Aaron graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) in 2021.

He was initially interested in electrical engineering because he likes invention and creation and finds it so satisfying to go from a sketch on a napkin to a completed project. What drew Aaron to OLogic, was his interest in implementing clients’ cool ideas all the way to completion. Now as an Electrical Engineer and as a Manager, he enjoys designing things from scratch as well as discovering the issues with boards and being able to fix them. 

While he’s had a lot of proud moments working at OLogic, Aaron said that his proudest moment was on one of his first projects. He was able to overcome an unforeseen complication with assembly difficulties stemming from part choices.  Meeting the challenge, he made improvements to the BOM that allowed him to deliver the board on time, which kept his client happy.

At OLogic, Aaron was recently promoted to a managing role. So far the transition has gone well.

The transition to management was like having to change up my way of thinking, where I have to think about other people’s capabilities rather than just being aware of my own. I think I’m getting the hang of things though!

If Aaron wasn’t working as an engineer, he said he would like to be a carpenter as it is kinda like ‘inventing’ in a way, but with wood!

For prospective OLogic candidates, Aaron gave good advice:

OLogic candidates should be hungry for knowledge and ask tons of questions to utilize the unique situation of being surrounded by engineers along with its wide variety of projects.

Aaron’s favorite food is Korean fried chicken and he shares the best place to find it;  My No. 1 BBQ in Newpark. “I love going there for their cheap chicken and the owner always jokes around with me! Y’all should go there at some point if you’re in the area but chicken takes like 30 minutes to make so I would call ahead of time.”

If Aaron could have any superpower, he would choose the ability to slow down or speed up time! When we ask why, his answer is, “With more time, I can spend more time learning and enjoying my other hobbies and speed up time to wait out things like waiting for fried chicken.”

It is no wonder that Aaron’s personal motto is to “Always be improving!” He lives that out every day at OLogic where he can be found in his office or the lab working on the varied complex electrical engineering designs he is presented with. 

Aaron is also the first to volunteer when someone is looking for help in less pressing issues such as how to light up a holiday sweater. “Just use an ESP32 with a 12V power supply for the LEDs”, says Aaron, or when we needed a model for our earthquake drop, cover and hold video! A true star, either in front of the camera or behind in the real world. OLogic is a brighter place with Aaron on our team!

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