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AI at the Edge for Robotics

OLogic’s robotics domain expertise is once again leading the way in robotics companies’ adoption of new technologies by providing Edge AI design services that expedite the development and successful commercial launch for companies wanting to release products with advanced edge compute features.

Through their partnership with MediaTek and significant investment, OLogic has built up a considerable amount of knowledge and expertise in Edge AI compute chips. This led to the successful launch of two industry leading intelligent Edge AI compute IoT evaluation kits, the i500 and i350 EVK Pumpkin Boards. The true value of which is realized when customers combine these leading EVK boards with OLogic’s unique Edge AI design methodology. 

At OLogic, we offer software engineering services that are specific to the MediaTek processors used on the EVK boards to ensure your product is very cost competitive. We have also developed software and electronic engineering techniques and methodologies that help robotic development teams move quickly from a typical RaspberryPi prototype to a true commercial grade, scalable product, designed for mass market. Significantly reducing your commercial risk, costs, and time to market.

To complement our design and development services, we’re pleased to announce the addition of our Supply Chain Management service to our portfolio of services. Our goal is to help our customers, especially early-stage startups, navigate the current supply chain crises with as few as problems as possible, helping you stay focused on the project. 

If you’re a robotics company looking for advanced Edge AI and computer vision camera solutions, you need to talk to us before you take your next step. 

To learn more about how OLogic’s new Edge AI services can help your design succeed, get in touch at: info@ologicinc.com

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