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Absolute EMS and OLogic Welcome Brazilian Robotics Team to Silicon Valley

A photo of 5 people in lab coats, in front of a computer monitor at Absolute EMS. From left to right: male, female, male, female, female.

Absolute EMS, Inc., an award-winning EMS provider of turnkey and consignment manufacturing services, was honored to welcome winners from a Brazilian Robotics Team to their state-of-the-art facility in Silicon Valley. The team, consisting of three talented young women, was awarded a trip to Silicon Valley to view some of the most advanced high-tech facilities in the world, with Absolute EMS being one of them.

During their visit, the team was given a tour of Absolute EMS’ cutting-edge facility, which features the latest in manufacturing technology and equipment. The young women were able to witness first-hand the precision and attention to detail that goes into the manufacturing of high-tech electronics. They also had the opportunity to speak with the team of experienced engineers and technicians who make up Absolute EMS’ skilled workforce.

“We were thrilled to have the opportunity to host the winners of the Brazilian Robotics Team at our facility,” said Jayne Carthy, VP Sales and Marketing. “We are committed to supporting the next generation of innovators and engineers, and we hope that this visit has inspired these talented young women to pursue their dreams in the field of robotics and technology.”

After touring Absolute EMS’ facility, the team travelled to OLogic Inc, Silicon Valley’s premier engineering consulting company that specializes in robotics. At the OLogic office, the team spoke to CEO and Founder Ted Larson about the evolution of the robotic industry and how to bring products to market successfully.

The Brazilian Robotics Team is from the University of Brasilia in Brazil. The team traveled to California to participate in the RoboGames robotics competition. In this competition, they participated in the Balancer Race category where the objective was to create a robot that could balance itself and travel six meters and stop standing up at the end of the course. In the competition rules, the teams were given the freedom to choose how the robot would be controlled – either autonomously or not. The Brazilian Robotics Team was the only team in its category to produce an autonomous robot. The three young women who represented the team impressed judges with their innovative approach to robotics, and their determination to succeed in a male-dominated field.

Absolute EMS is committed to supporting the next generation of innovators and engineers, and this visit was just one example of the company’s dedication to fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

Absolute EMS is a leader in end-to-end electronic manufacturing services solutions that help its customers rapidly introduce innovative new technology by facilitating speed-to-market in their marketplace. Speed-to-market starts with engineering services, and extends into prototypes, pilots and then into production.

A long-time commitment to sustainability contributes to Absolute EMS leading the way for manufacturing operations among EMS organizations. For more information, visit www.absolute-ems.com.