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Who are we?

OLogic is a team of designers and engineers with a passion for development and new ideas. OLogic serves the needs of our customers with expertise in areas of electronics design, embedded software, mechanical and industrial design, and low-cost design for manufacturing solutions.

Wherever you are, wherever you’re going – whether it’s a drawing on a napkin, schematics, a first prototype, a specific problem you just can’t solve, or you’re ready for your next revision, OLogic is known for stepping in anywhere in the process to help improve your product.

The OLogic Way: 10 Steps From Concept to Reality


OLogic will prepare mechanical drawings, design and build electronics, and develop firmware and software for your project. If you need a proof-of-concept or a production intent, we can help with that last step to get to your next demo or round of funding. 


OLogic also collaborates with an extensive network of component suppliers and high-volume manufacturing partners with factories in Asia. We’ll guide you through component selection to arrive at products that are cost-effective to manufacture.

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